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The title say most really.  I have some good friends over  for a few weeks and they have asked me to take them for a few days to Phitsanulok.  Well their wives want to visit the various temples but they don't.  So while their other half's are doing that we thought we would go to a bar or two but not knowing Phitsanulok I am just asking any forum members who know Phitsanulok, or even who live there,  as to what farang friendly bars there may be and of course where are they ?  Googling only throws up some 5 or 6 year old info so would appreciate any updates and suggestions.



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Head for the river young man. There are some Hotel-Bars. Other than that.....


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Been staying in Phitsanulok, unfortunately, there for a while until May I frequently visited the only foreign owned bar/restaurant in Phitsanulok. 


It is called Dtit Paak, owned by an american, Bill.


Location......go to the nightmarket which is at the river, then go straight out of town by following the river for around 2 kms. You will see just before an intersection a restaurantboat. Dtit Paak is opposite of the boat on same side of the river.


Open from 4 pm if I remember correctly. 

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