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Attorney / lightning arrester / solar equipment

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I am looking for:


(a)   an attorney who can prepare a long-term rental contract without loop holes for a house (I am the tenant);

(b)   a company or a man with actual knowledge of lightning arrester equipment and capable of installing it on a house;

(c)   a company or a man with actual knowledge of solar equipment.


Are there any ThaiVisa members who can recommend knowledgeable people in Chiang Mai? If so, please list the information here or by means of a Personal Message.


Thank you very much for your help!

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Maybe you should start three topics.  I'll take on the topic of lawyers.  For the other two, you may want to post in the appropriate Thai Visa sub forums that deal with electrical and home improvement topics.  Are you sure you need lightening arrester equipment on a home here?  We had a farm in Michigan and had it installed just on our tallest structure, an 1890s midwest U.S. barn that we spent major money on repairs.  We had several trees hit by lightening, including a majestic hickory that was sitting alone in a otherwise empty field (it felt like we'd lost a friend).


As for lawyers, you could contact Lanna Lawyers  https://www.facebook.com/LannaLawyers/  and Assist Thai Visa also has does legal work:  https://assistthaivisa.com/about-us/  






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