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Nine held over Krabi family massacre

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Nine held over Krabi family massacre




A policeman carries out his duties yesterday at the site of a massacre where Worayuth Sunglung, a village head of Krabi’s Ao Luk district, and seven family members were killed on July 10. The shocking crime took place inside Worayuth’s own house.


KRABI: -- NINE SUSPECTS have been detained in connection with the massacre of a Krabi-based village head and his family.

“Seven of them are charged with committing the crimes,” Pol General Suchart Theerasawat, the adviser (Level 10) of the National Police Office, said yesterday. “Two others are at this point suspected of having been involved in some way.” 


The July 10 massacre shocked the nation. Shot execution-style were Worayuth Sunglung, a village head in Krabi’s Ao Luk district, and 10 other family members. Eight people were killed and three others were injured. The victims included women and children. 


On July 16, police announced that suspected mastermind, Surifath “Bang Fath” Bannoppawongsakul, 41, and his alleged accomplices were now in custody. 


“Surifath and Worayuth had a dispute over land plots that the latter used to obtain a mortgage from Surifath. After debts were cleared, Surifath had not returned the land-title deeds,” said Pol Maj-General Ittipol Achariyapradit, who is assigned to help with the investigation.


The ongoing investigation shows Worayuth was very angry and threatened to harm Surifath. 


“Surifath claimed Worayuth attempted to shoot him once in 2013,” Ittipol said. “So far, there is no record of a complaint filed with police about the shooting.” 


According to Ittipol, all suspects in the case are now being detained at a military camp. Interrogations are underway. A source revealed that the alleged accomplices of Surifath all testified that they were paid just Bt1,000 each to escort Surifath to Worayuth’s house. 


During the raid at the house, Worayuth was also forced to transfer the ownership of his car to Surifath.


“These suspects said Surifath claimed Worayuth owed him more than Bt3 million,” the source said. “The suspects also said they disobeyed Surifath’s order to shoot the victims. Surifath thus shot all the victims himself.” 


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30321003

-- © Copyright The Nation 2017-07-18

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If this one guy done all the killing, he deserves the death penalty.  and if the others were actually involved

and stayed around when the family were all shot, they all deserve life in prison as well.

Just my opinion.


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“Bang Fut” : From a polite man to a prime suspect in Krabi massacre

By Thai PBS




KRABI: -- “Bang Fut” or Sureefut Bannobwongsakul, 41, now becomes the talk of the town after the Royal Thai Police commissioner Pol Gen Chaktip Chaijinda disclosed at a press conference that he is a prime suspect in the killing of eight people in Krabi’s Ao Luk district on July 10.


The massacre shocked the nation and prompted the prime minister to voice sadness for the loss of so many family members.


At the press conference on Sunday (July 16), Pol Gen Chaktip gave chilling details of how the village headman Vorayut Sanglang, his wife and his daughters, age 13 and 11, and another 6-year-old girl were cold-bloodedly shot dead allegedly by Mr Sureefut.


The shootings took place at Vorayut’s residence where several one-storey houses of the family and relatives were located in the same compound. Of the 12 people present at the time, only four, including a three-month-old toddler, survived the massacre. The rest were either killed on the spot or died later at the hospital, with each victim having gunshot wound on the head.


Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/bang-fut-polite-man-prime-suspect-krabi-massacre/

-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2017-07-18

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Presumably the politeness was along the lines.


"You pay me now, or I wlll take your house and break both your legs, krap".


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The police commissioner said that he "strongly believed that the shooting was "INTENTIONAL".


Wow, who would have believed it, as shooting 11 people, including children, in the head "execution style" might have been accidental?


Perhaps, I am being unfair to the commissioner, as possibly translation from Thai to English might be at fault and that was possibly not in fact exactly what he said or meant.  However, we are well aware that the police often do make inappropriate statements either at the crime scene or afterwards.

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I take my hat off to the police on this case. The Elite squad from Bangkok has been on TV before and they are well trained partly by Japanese investigators in DNA evidence. This was not an easy case to solve and took lots of police time and money. Many Thais are very upset over this crime which probably helped propel the police to use all funds necessary to bring the criminals to justice. I inderstand the critics of the police and some criticism is well founded.  But in this case I think they did a great job and I am happy for one the bad guys are going down and others might think twice before they murder kids in their home. Congrats Thai police on Solving this crime properly and efficiently.  ?

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It amazes me in the LoS, how do people could do such a deed and expect to; "Get away with it ?", surely they must have been on drugs, and then work up the next day and thought; "S%*# !" what did we do last night ?

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