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Lamp post crash leaves big biker dead in Phuket

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On 25.7.2017 at 9:21 PM, ben2talk said:

Not at all. I rode bikes for quite a while now, and in Thailand for 16 years starting with a CB400 and ending up with a GSX-R. I could get 125km/h in first gear if I wanted to get out of my turn and cross 3 lanes to get to a U-turn where I used to live.


Big bikes often give you a great opportunity to 'inject' yourself wherever you need to be. If you aren't stupid, it's actually easier to ride a faster bike than a slower one... anything from 650cc up is good. anything under 500cc is not quite so great - but generally it's the rider that makes a difference.


So many times I see people say 'too fast' or 'not safe' and disagree. That's because it's not really WHAT you do that counts, so much as the way that you do it. Nothing comes up more true than this statement with every bike accident I ever experienced.


He's a Chef who borrowed a bike and didn't ride within his limits, period.


As for tasteless jokes - I have none, but I'd like to know if the trousers were brown before he crashed. I hope it was quick enough to avoid suffering, my greatest fear is to get mangled and not die.

Helmet on and brain switched off ?
Sorry, my experience is only riding big bikes since 40 years. GOOD LUCK, MATE !

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