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Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

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So,i like drinking in bars and inevitably some of those bars will be girly bars.

I'm a fairly generous bloke,maybe a bit of a pushover and certainly can have a lack of judgement when the beers are necked.

This all leads to regular nights out where i have a bar bill for 3000 baht and i think to myself "I've only had 6 Leo's? How did this happen?":shock1:


I've discussed this with a friend who travels to Thailand regularly and he says if I buy a girl a drink,I should ask for 'bar price'.

Is this accepted? Seems to me the girl would pretty pissed off if shes not making any money from the drink.

This same guy told me when he stayed in Chiang Mai for 3 months he would have a bottle of whiskey he bought from 7-11 kept behind the bar.So he'd go and drink from that every night.

I don't know if this is actually true and i would imagine he'd be extremely unpopular with the bar owner and staff.


I've also noticed some ex-pats that live in Chiang Mai and are regulars in some of the bars i frequent rarely buy the girls a drink(understandable,as it would be a severe drain on resources to do so if you're out drinking almost every night)

I suppose ex-pats have to watch the purse strings more because they are living a 'normal' day to day life in Thailand,whereas holidaymakers like myself are there for a good time and blowing a load of money every night is almost expected.:smile:


So,what is the best way of approaching the 'lady drink' situation without offending anyone or looking like a cheapskate?

I was thinking perhaps i could make it clear in the bars that i would buy no more than 1 lady drink for each bar i visit(sometimes i'll spend the whole night in 1 bar so would be a fairly cheap night :smile: ) 

Buying just 1 lady drink in each bar i would be saving quite a lot of money compared to my last trip.


On a side note,the first time i went to Chiang Mai i had no idea the 'lady drink' was a thing.I thought i was buying as drink for a girl to be sociable,as i would in the UK.(i really should have researched Thai culture a little more before arriving :sad:)

It was only when i got home and did a little internet research that i discovered the concept of the 'Lady Drink'

No wonder i spent £2000 in  3 weeks :sad:


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It's very easy to spend a lot of money on lady drinks, especially if you're having a good time, which should be the aim for a night out, and it will cost. Accept it. And it depends on the girl. Ones that try and guzzle as many as possible while with you are to be avoided. I have a rule (sometimes broken) that if a girl you don't know drags you in and asks for a drink I move on to another bar. 


It's really getting to know the rip offs and the ones that don't. In Chiang Mai often it depends on the mamasan, two I know would buy me a drink on a one for one basis if I was spending a couple of hours there. And their bar girls rarely ask for another until I offer.  At others, the girls I know will accept one drink and make it last while talking with you for an hour or so. That's rare, BTW, and I'm not divulging the bar names. 


BTW, a 3000 baht bill for a tourist holiday night out is about average, maybe on the low side, if you're having a good time with the ladies. For local ex-pats, most would have their own bars they prefer. Depends what you're looking for, really. A quiet drink with eye-candy to look at, maybe a bit of banter - or a girl for the night?



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I will not buy lady drinks, its a scam by the owners of the bar. I regrudge sitting at a table where a bar girl plonks herself watching you drink waiting for a hand out. Thats intimidation which they are taught in the bars

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My largest bar bill was 6,420 Baht at Rabbit Bar in Chiang Mai.  Wasn't worth it.  I asked and got a copy of the receipt as a souvenir...  Should I get it framed?

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