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The latest hit - protection from sun and rain - now there's only the police to worry about!

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webfact    23,951

The latest hit - protection from sun and rain - now there's only the police to worry about!



Picture: Thai Rath


CHIANG RAI: -- Thai Rath reported that traders on the border at Mae Sai in Chiang Rai are doing a roaring trade in the latest fad.


Plastic protection from the sun and rain for motorcycle riders.


The attachments fit on a bike to give all round protection, can be bought for as little as 250 baht and are getting the thumbs up from purchasers.


Thai Rath said that it has to be safer than having one hand on an umbrella and one hand on the handlebars.


The only problem appears to be what the police might think.


Thai Rath said that orders had been flooding into Chiang Rai from all over Thailand. All the shops in Mae Sai were selling them.


A representative from the Department of Land Transport in Chiang Rai Satawan Manokhreuang said there was nothing illegal about them as they were temporary fittings. If they were permanent alterations they would need to be registered by the bike owners.


Traders selling what appeared to be Thai made attachments said that the prices were as follows:


Grade A: 270-280 baht

Grade B: 250-260 baht

Grade C: 250-260 baht.


Thai Rath gave no explanation about the different grades or why B and C were the same price.


Ong, 32, a trader from Burma said that the best ones were more expensive and from Taiwan and China. She was getting the Taiwanese ones for 350 baht wholesale and selling them for 450.


Chakrit Dechfeuang, 40, said that he bought his for 500 baht a month ago and used it when taking his kid to school.


He said he had no complaints about it, it worked well so long as you didn't go too fast.


"The wife loves it," he said, "she says it keeps her skin white".


Visibility of the road was not impaired, he said, but he added a cautionary note:


"The only thing I am worried about is the police - they might claim I have adapted my bike and fine me".


The story is being widely shared on social media meaning more orders for the traders in Chiang Rai.


But watch this space for the expected reaction from the authorities as the devices hit the bigger Thai cities......


Source: Thai Rath


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-07-27
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darksidedog    10,961
Posted (edited)

I remember discussing exactly this with a friend a few years ago, after I had got completely drowned one day riding home in miserable weather. I said that if someone could make something sturdy, functional, safe and cheap they would make a fortune, as every bike would want one. We even got to some preliminary sketches on a design to see how it would need to be attached. I am glad that someone has now done it, and I will be buying one when I see them for sale. I note though the comment that they were good "if you didn't go too fast" which seems sensible given the wind factor.

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rijb    3,891

This could be the next evolution of the umbrella, if someone decides to make it wearable.  :tongue:

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impulse    11,544

A few years back in the USA, I was considering importing aftermarket LED lighting that hadn't been approved yet by the DOT.  I found out that if I sold something for use on a motor vehicle that wasn't DOT approved, not only could the user be fined, but I could be fined up to $5,000 (weak memory, but that's the number that sticks in my mind) for every one that I sold.  Quickly abandoned that plan.


Somehow, I can't see that being the case here, but if a few of these things get blown over in a heavy wind, killing 2 or 3 riders at a whack, I wouldn't want to be the importer or the manufacturer.  Especially if they get blown right into a HiSo Mercedes...


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sn1per    288
Posted (edited)

it would probably be a lot safer and aerodynamic if they removed the "peak" from the front, this could be replaced with a sun visor strip, crosswinds and gusts could still be a problem though

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