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Does anyone know of a podiatrist or anyone making orthotics.  Mine are in need of adjustment or replacement.

And in that same vein does anyone know where one can buy 1/16 or 1/8 inch dense foam denser than common insoles but not as dense as sole material. If I can find something like that I may be able to fix them myself or take it to my shoe maker. I have asked him and  and he doesn't know where to find or didn't really understand me although he said he did. But you know what that may have meant. 555

 I have quite severe plantar fasciitis and really need some help other than store bought insoles.

You all out there have been around and more knowledgeable than myself when it comes to produces and places in town.

Any information or suggestions would be welcome .

Thanks in advance


Randell the tenderfoot

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The alleyway leading into the main market off Thanalai has a little shop that sells offcuts of various plastics and mats etc.

That's the area I'd look anyway.

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