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malt25    1,270
14 minutes ago, rijb said:

Look in the laundry soap section.


Yes, bleach is available in all supermarkets. Our local 7-11 stocks small bottles. I think about 500 ml.

I've found what I was after. Powdered Borax. Only size I can buy locally is 1 kg. But it's reasonably inexpensive. 85 baht for 1 kg.

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XJ650    89

I use Boric accid to kill ants. Mix 1 cup sugar, 1 cup hot water, 2 tablespoons of Boric accid.


I put it in small plastic bottles,  max 3 cl in each, make small holes 5 cm up in the bottle. Drop a little bit under the bottle to attract the ants. They take it back to the queen and feed her and the queen dies. 


Normally the ants are gone within 8 hours. They will come back after maybe 2 months, out with the bottles again. 


I buy the Boric Accid in the shop that have chemicals for Swimmming pools. 


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Damrongsak    307

I had an old wooden deck covered in green slime.  I sprayed on a product that was a mix of Lye (Sodium hydroxide) and chlorine bleach.  It worked amazingly well, though I did rinse it off with a pressure washer.  (Nasty stuff though - use eye protection.)

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