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Ireland floats special EU-UK customs union as way to break Brexit logjam

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12 hours ago, 7by7 said:

What are you wittering on about now?


You brought up what you called 'ex colonial immigration; I merely corrected your misapprehension over the UK's immigration rules. Then did the same with your misapprehension on the workings of the FoM directive.


But then your response to me and previous ones to Smedley when he corrected your misapprehension about there being a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, indicate you obviously don't care for being corrected!


There is nothing wrong with visas and work permits; but the UK currently has two international agreements where neither are required. One with the EU, which covers EEA members and Switzerland as well, and a much older one with the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Of course, British citizens benefit from these as well. 


The question is what will happen to both, especially the latter, post Brexit.


If you want an intelligent discussion on this; fine. But if instead you again merely resort to petty insults, I wont bother responding.

Oh dear, Sorry!

My "wittering on" was pointing out that the international borders will apply after the UK leaves the EU. Mr S first replied to me that there are no borders, but had to admit immigration procedures are carried out at all ports of entry, with the obvious exception of the land border between N/S Ireland.

The fact is, as he said, the land border problem will remain after March 29 2019, without a "special" customs arrangement.

Immigration control via the land border is trying to be avoided too (like the customs) but both might be unavoidable if an agreement is not settled with the EU. We will see.


If you think Northern Ireland will be swamped with hundreds of thousands of EU subjects swarming over the land border to NI/UK and expect no checks you are missing the point. Is Belfast etc their desired destination?

If you think anyone traveling after the end of March 2019 could enter the UK without going through some immigration control I think you are delusional. The Republic will no doubt be happy to cooperate since their economy is pretty much dependent on the UK.


It is you that needs a logic and reality check sir!

Consider the options we have before, and the facts that are ahead come March 30 2019.









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8 hours ago, smedly said:

The are a couple of points worth mentioning here 


- The EU played no part in the Good Friday Agreement, it really is none of their business and should never have been mentioned at all.


- The UK and Ireland have had a special arrangement long before any EU treaties were signed


- It is up to the republic of Ireland and the UK to determine how the borders and relationship are handled once the UK leaves the EU, the only part the EU will play is whether they allow a member state to have a special arrangement with a none EU country outside of existing EU treaties, it is in fact the EU that could stand in the way of Ireland reaching any sort of agreement with the UK.


- Future EU Customs and Trade agreements with the UK could determine any future relationship with the UK and the ROI so it is actually up to the EU to make sure that it works out of the box or they allow the Republic of Ireland and the UK to have a separate arrangement - they could in fact block it, so the ball is firmly in their court as to what they will allow within EU rules, it certainly would be no fault of the UK or ROI if the EU decides against it.


All of this discussion is mute because it is up to the EU to decide if Ireland and the UK can continue with their special relationship once the UK has left the EU, it is up to the ROI to get approval from the EU dictators, the UK will not be blocking anything, so lets put this issue right were it belongs.

Well said!

Completely correct.



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you know I keep looking at this EU UK thing going on and it continually reminds me of a playground bully scenario and we all know that eventually the bully loses and this bully has been active fore quite a long time, I think in the long term the EU must change  - the power grab ............................ and that is exactly what it is........is over, time for all the EU to realise that Germany has been the only winner through all of it, not just a marginal winner ........................ for 20 years they have been shaping the EU for the betterment of Germany


The UK gave them the finger.....enough is enough, time for change, the UK didn't mess it up, the German power grab did



How about getting back to the common market and free trade and customs to all that want it


- Germany have made it clear they are not going to fill the financial gap left by the UK...............there were only two countries that made net contributions to the EU  ....................the UK and Germany, all the rest when you look at the accounts and cash flows were either break even or sucking it dry


What exactly did the UK people vote for ..................................... strangely enough any that I have talked too know exactly what is what..............read my above post and you will know exactly...apart from immigration and all that you might find they are pissed off that the only country in the EU out of 27 that is actually solvent and making a very big pile of money...is ...(Greece)


ha ha what a joke that was .....................................................real answer - GERMANY


go <deleted> figure


am I angry that the masses don't see what is so obvious, I actually think Macron is pretty smart and unless he has been tampered with might just start to call it...............or else he is in the pocket of the establishment - I have not seen that "yet" but I have not seen it the other way either.


There is a dirty game being played in Europe these last 25 years and Germany is right at the heart of it, there is only one country that has benefitted from the European Union and that is Germany....go figure, why does France Spain Italy not see this............is it so dirty that they are not allowed too ?...............the UK has called them out, my opinion is we walk away until they have something positive to talk about...................the more people read this the better *|||*  




Fell free to copy this post wherever you want..................

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