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Mandatory to use agents for customs clearance of mail parcels?

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Gulfsailor    1,696
3 hours ago, melvinmelvin said:



you were right, I was not.


UK Royal Mail/now ParcelForce, uses FedEx as delivery agent in Thailand, for express packages.

Unfortunately, my parcel was sent express.


Been struggling with FedEx for a good week now, they think the parcel will be cleared Tuesday/Wednesday

(it arrived in Thailand on 28th of July, some express).


The papermill is impressive! Lots and lots of papers/copies and things to sign, typical Thai style,

thats OK, no problem, plenty of forest to produce paper from in Finland.


But the funny thing is, Thai Customs call this Paperless Customs Clearance. In the Customs building at the airport

there are PAPERLESS signs everywhere, amusing.


Good to hear you are getting close. All the paperwork is to sign up for the paperless system. Next time should be super fast. Unless it's more than a year later, than you have to do all the paperwork again, in order to enjoy the paperless convenience. ;)

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melvinmelvin    365



Higher up here you mentioned documenting the engine's country of production.

I said Toyota spek for itsef, you said no.


I actually checked up with Toyot Thaiand today, the engine I would like to import

from the us, Toyota 1VD, is manufactured in Argentina.

All 1VDs are manufactured in Argentina, Toyota Thailand said.


(so I guess, probably better to keep quiet about that)





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