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Young Thai Big Bikers, Mentally Retarded?

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19 hours ago, Puwa said:

Because motorbike accidents and deaths are common here, people just accept it as a normal way to die, strange as that sounds. It comes to be seen as matter of luck, not behavior. It's more gratifying to try to control your luck, with amulets and rituals, than your behavior. Every day you drive recklessly and don't die indicates that luck prevails over behavior. Until one day, as the saying goes, luck runs out. Believing in luck is for people too dim or too selfish to believe in probability.

Of course it's luck here if one survives on the roads. I always feels happy if I return unscathed. It's only luck that dictates the moron overtaking on a blind corner is able to avoid me, as I have no control over such.

Luck is nothing to do with amulets- that's about asking a higher power to intercede on our behalf, which is obviously foolish. However, zillions of people pray to "god" to save them every day. How does that work out?

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