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Saturday was a bad night for drunk Rayong woman with a sword

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Saturday was a bad night for drunk Rayong woman with a sword



Picture: Thai Rath


RAYONG: -- Saturday night was not one that "Koi" or the Rayong police will forget in a hurry. The 38 year old woman went berserk in an altercation with her brother then took out her frustration on the cops.


But rather than be fined for wielding a sword she has just faced sanctions for smoking in a public place (500 baht) and damaging some stairs at the police station (1,000 baht).


The night started to go sour for City Park resident Koi at a Shell gas station opposite Wat Thap Ma.


A video at the scene caught all the action at 10pm.


Her brother Wichai in a Civic apparently chased her there. Koi retrieved a one meter sword from her own car.


Hurling foul mouthed abuse at her brother she hit his car. The brother then proceeded to smash into two other parked vehicles belong to innocent parties.


While Koi was nearly run down by her relative who fled the scene rather than face angry men out drinking.


Drunk and in frenzy Koi went to Muang Rayong police to report the matter.


She was swearing at the cops while smoking out front of the police station so they threw her in the cells to calm down.


She stayed locked up till morning when she was fined 500 baht for smoking in a public place and being drunk and disorderly.


But if cops thought that was the end of the matter they were wrong.


Koi got back in her red plate Honda City and rammed it into the stairs at the police station.


It was not known if this was revenge or she was still drunk.


With the front fender hanging off she was chased by police on the main road of Route 36.


She was finally arrested and found to have a meter long sword and an empty beer bottle in the car.


Our picture shows a Muang Rayong policeman with the weapon.


Thai Rath said she was then taken back to the station and fined 1,000 baht for damaging the stairs then allowed to go home.


No mention was made in the report about what happened after the incident caught on video at the gas station.


Source: Thai Rath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-08-07
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The police took pity on the poor woman, because she was upset about getting the wrong numbers in the lottery.:cheesy:

Pathetic situation, fined 500 baht for having a fag, hells teeth she could have decapitated someone with that sword.

Bet its not just the missionary position for her.

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4 hours ago, NCC1701A said:

i bet she would be wild in bed...

...with a dozen of hungry ducks waiting in front of her house.

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1 hour ago, mark01 said:

I'm strangely attracted to her.   ?

Sounds like my sort of woman.  Makes a change from the fake smiles and submissive wais.

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4 hours ago, Thian said:

See it's complete legal to have a 1 metre sword in the door of your car..you're also allowed to wield it around infront of people.

Heck.  It's what the wife and I do every Saturday night.  Drive around fighting with swords in gas stations and smashing up other people's cars and police stations.  And because I'm a falang they never even fine us 1500 baht.

Can't wait for my Tesla.   Then we will go to charging stations and fight with light sabres. Big long ones.  Seriously now.  TIT. Nothing should surprise us!! (But it still does.)

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