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Looking to rent house in Kalasin

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Having a hard time finding a decent house to rent in Kalasin , Looking for a newer style western type house for Rent (town-house style) perhaps . Around 15-20k )

I would be very greatfull if someone could point me in the right direction - area ; Or if someone knows of something avalible .


Many thanks S.F



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Not an expert but I have not seen much in that range although there is a new development not far from big c on a road called malphanee rd. May be for sale only but worth a look to check. Nice quiet rd too.


Bit less cost wise but decent central location:


Kapugnung bungalows by big c.


Also there is another option in don klaang park looks like 7-8 decent homes being rented out in the park. I guess it gets very quiet and dark at night but they look good from the outside.


I know around the area I think it is called Lup, by chalong boutique hotel it is very good price wise and by looks of it you get a lot more space. Restaurant round there I went to was a kebab place or Mediterranean food or something but I heard the chap discussing rent and for that restaurant/house which was pretty nice from what I saw it was less than 5k I heard them say to a customer.


All of the above is based on being pretty much centre.


Kaidee may help too but is best to search in thai.









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Could you share a little more information regarding what you are looking for in a rental house???  Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc....


I have lived here in Kalasin for the past 16 years and know the area very well...  The best strategy is to spend time driving around and asking neighbors of any properties that appear to be vacant if it might be available...  Plus often "For Sale" house can be rented if they have been vacant for extended periods....    


Even though property prices have risen over the past years, it seems that rental prices have remained surprising low...   2 bed, 1 bath places seem to be in the 5K to 7K range with almost nothing above the 12k per month level...



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Success ! 

- We have found a sollution 

Many thanks for replys and input .


Also If someone could recomend a local Plumber that would br great .

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