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Hero Uncle Bin wows social media going out of his way to take lost student home - for free!

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Hero Uncle Bin wows social media going out of his way to take lost student home - for free!



Picture: Daily News


RAYONG: -- A song thaew bus driver has been praised to the skies on Thai social media after he took a lost schoolgirl back home for free.


Daily News reported that "Lung Bin" went miles out of his way to see his lost passenger home safely to the bosom of her family.


Mother "Ann Pannatron" shared the story to a Rayong site on Facebook telling Daily News online reporters later that her daughter Papaa, or Yada Singkhaet, 12, had used the song thaew service to go to cram school on Saturday.


Mum usually took her but she asked to go by herself for the first time and Ann agreed. All was fine until the return journey when by mistake her daughter got on the wrong service and ended up "tens of kilometers" out of her way in coastal Ban Phe.


Mum had been in touch with her daughter on the phone.


But Lung Bin the driver came to the rescue.


He told Papaa she had got on the wrong bus. Someone else offered to take her home but Lung Bin was not having that.


"I knew I would never be able to sleep if I allowed that," he said. "I had to take her home myself".


Mum suggested over the phone that he take her daughter to the police station where she could pick her up so he was not inconvenienced but that was not good enough for the hero of the hour.


Lung Bin got back in his cab and delivered Papaa right to the door of her house where her anxious mum was waiting.


For this act of human kindness online media joined the mother in praising Lung Bin for his selfless actions.


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2017-08-08
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