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FBI raided former Trump campaign manager's home in Russia probe

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FBI raided former Trump campaign manager's home in Russia probe

By Sarah N. Lynch and Patricia Zengerle



FILE PHOTO: Paul Manafort, campaign manager to Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, escapes a mob of reporters asking about the Republican National Convention Committee on Rules in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 14, 2016. REUTERS/Rick Wilking/File Photo


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A July FBI raid on the Virginia home of President Donald Trump's former campaign manager, confirmed on Wednesday, showed that a federal investigation of possible ties between Trump's campaign and Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election was intensifying.


Federal Bureau of Investigation agents executed a search warrant at one of Paul Manafort's homes, his spokesman Jason Maloni said.


A source familiar with the work of Robert Mueller, the special counsel named by the Justice Department in May to investigate the Russia matter, said the raid was part of the first stage of his probe, focused on seeking evidence of financial crimes.


Mueller's team is examining money-laundering accusations against Manafort, poring over his financial and real estate records in New York as well as his involvement in Ukrainian politics, two officials told Reuters last month.


The house in Alexandria, a suburb of Washington, was raided in the early morning hours of July 26 by agents who seized documents and other material, a day after Manafort had met with Senate Intelligence Committee staff, the Washington Post reported, citing unidentified people familiar with the probe.


Tax documents and financial records were sought by agents for Mueller in the raid, the New York Times reported, citing a person familiar with the matter.


"Mr. Manafort has consistently cooperated with law enforcement and other serious inquiries and did so on this occasion as well," Maloni said in an email.


Trump has called Mueller's investigation a "witch hunt." Allegations of collusion between Trump associates and Moscow have hounded the Republican president since he took office in January, presenting a major distraction from his policy agenda.


The FBI did not immediately return a request for comment. Joshua Stueve, a spokesman for Mueller's office, declined to confirm the raid.




A key question for investigators was whether Manafort had knowledge of any Trump campaign dealings with Russia, including meetings with Russians with government ties, said the source familiar with Mueller's work.


The same question was relevant to investigators in regard to Trump's fired former national security adviser, retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, the source said.


"Financial matters have paper trails that can be easy to pick up and follow, so that's a logical place to start," the source added.


U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia interfered in the presidential race, in part by hacking and releasing emails embarrassing to Trump's opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, to help him get elected in November.


Congressional committees are looking at a June 2016 meeting in New York with a Russian lawyer organised by Trump's eldest son. Donald Trump Jr. released emails last month that showed he welcomed the prospect of receiving damaging information about Clinton. Manafort attended the meeting.


Experts pointed to the fact that the FBI had enough evidence to get approval for a search warrant concerning Manafort.


"Somewhere, there now exists under seal what is likely a very detailed affidavit laying out criminal allegations involving Paul Manafort, and specifically, there is probable cause to believe he has committed a crime or there is evidence of a crime at his home," said Alex Little, a former federal prosecutor now with the law firm Bone McAllester Norton.


Manafort has been cooperating with congressional probes. He met with Senate Intelligence Committee investigators last month and has been negotiating an appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Committee leaders said they wanted to discuss not just the campaign, but also Manafort's work on behalf of interests in Ukraine. Russia's aggression in Ukraine was one reason Congress defied Trump and passed new sanctions on Moscow last month.


Manafort had worked as a consultant to a pro-Russia political party in Ukraine and helped support the country's Kremlin-backed former leader, Viktor Yanukovich. According to a financial audit reported by the New York Times, he also once owed $17 million to Russian shell companies.


A Senate Judiciary Committee aide said the panel received 20,000 pages of documents from Trump's presidential campaign and 400 pages of documents from Manafort on Aug. 2. On Aug. 4, the committee received 240 pages of documents from Donald Trump Jr.


(Reporting by Sarah N. Lynch, Patricia Zengerle, Richard Cowan and John Walcott; Writing by Doina Chiacu and Patricia Zengerle; Editing by Kevin Drawbaugh and Will Dunham)

-- © Copyright Reuters 2017-08-10

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FBI raids Manafort's home at dawn on July 26, 2017.


Manafort's got two options: flip and sing, or hope someone can pardon him.


Trumps two tweets later that same day...




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In their quest to prove money laundering 

It is my understanding that they confiscated his laundry detergent and are having it compared to the laundry detergent found on Russian oligarchs money.

They both smelled lemony fresh!!

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Yet "they" gave Crooked Hillary time to destroy 30,000 emails and all her phones with hammers. Nothing biased here. Nope.

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Manafort has been under surveillance for eons (legally, because of counter-intelligence concerns).


His phone was hot-miced, whereby the authorities could turn on the microphone on his phone via the SS7 exploit and listen to his in-person conversations.


He's so baked. He doesn't know how much trouble he is in, yet. Trump does know he himself is in a bit of trouble.


Rumors are that candidate Trump did come into the infamous Jun 2016 meeting (Russia, Dirt, Hilary), and it is on tape via Manafort's hot-mic.


I guess Trump could direct Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to begin an investigation into Hilary Clinton, but that might come off as too "banana-y republic"?





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Feds Subpoena Records for $3.5M Mystery Mortgage on Manafort’s Home


Federal investigators have subpoenaed records related to a $3.5 million mortgage that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort took out on his Hamptons home just after leaving the campaign, according to a source familiar with the matter.


The mortgage document that explains how Manafort would pay back the loan was never filed with Suffolk County, New York — and Manafort’s company never paid up to $36,000 in taxes that would be due on the loan.



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6 hours ago, Somtamnication said:

Glad Trump is emptying the swamp. LOL. 

So far Swamp 10, Trump 0


Almost game set and match, that much institutionalized corruption cannot be opposed...

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Manafort's son-in-law Jeffrey Yohai is in deep doo doo for running a real estate Ponzi scheme in California, which bilked Dustin Hopffman among others.


Manafort is implicated in this scheme.


Just when you think this guy couldn't be dirtier...



F.B.I. Investigating Deals Involving Paul Manafort and Son-in-Law


Federal investigators are examining financial transactions involving Paul Manafort and his son-in-law, who embarked on a series of real estate deals in recent years fueled by millions of dollars from Mr. Manafort, according to two people familiar with the matter.


The transactions involve the financing of apartments and luxury homes in New York and California using money from Mr. Manafort, as well as from other investors solicited by the son-in-law, Jeffrey Yohai, including the actor Dustin Hoffman and his son. F.B.I. agents have reviewed financial records related to Mr. Yohai, who has been accused in a lawsuit of defrauding investors, the sources said.



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37 minutes ago, joecoolfrog said:

But but what about her , you sound like a 6 year old child whining about his baby sister being favoured by daddy.

And you sound as if you have "daddy" issues.:clap2:

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