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Birthday party

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Yesterday my children and grandchildren went to a birthday party at Bounce Emquartier. At the end of the party there was an artist who made little figures from balloons. We went home by BTS but at the entrance we were refused to take the balloons on the BTS. I telll you these balloon-figures were small maybe 30cm and filled with normal air. The boy became 7y old yesterday, I call their action brainless.



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It is indeed a rule they have, it happened to my then 3 year old as well and since it seemed so absurd and such an unlikely rule that I ended up raising my voice. I assumed if any rule existed then it must be about helium, not air filled balloons. We got a taxi instead in the end.

Looked it up once I got home and it is something they have a rule about and actually enforce - it's come to blows before!


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Years ago there was a gang who let poisonous gas escape in the metro of Tokyo iirc.


I think it's normal to not let weird gascontainers inside the bts.  I bet if you kept it in a bag nobody would have noticed it though.

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