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I have a contract dispute and I need to find a really good lawyer. how can i find the really good, best of the best lawyers n Bangkok? surely there are top law firm in Bangkok that the handle contract disputes all the time and have vast experience in such matters. I dont just want your average lawyer who forms thai companies, handles disputes with the bar girl wife or helps out with visa matters, i need a real lawyer who knows the fine details of the law in relation to contract disputes for property rental.


They need to speak very good English, but this should be a formality as I would expect them to have studied in a top European or US university.


Any recommendations.


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Retaining a top notch law education from the West is all fine and wonderful and certainly might apply here to a nominal degree or two, yet more importantly would be the attorneys deeper understand of Thai laws and reasoning, which certainly aren't the same in relation to common Western legalities or even what has been fashioned as "International Law" [whatever that is]....


On the contrary, one would better themselves to suss out a Thai law educated attorney that comprehends English well, as well as understanding the needs and specs of a Farang client.

Being highly educated and trained abroad doesn't automatically make them qualified in handling the complex Thai laws and society. 

You'll find that the Farang lawyers that have long practiced here have been required to undergo years of Thai law study and almost always affiliate themselves with Thai partners and firms.


Outside of any personal recommendations and advice that the good members might offer, I might google deep to find the suitable attorney that understands the nuances of Thai law.

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