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Deputy Governor Blames HIV Infections On Gay TV Characters

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balo    5,397

The monkeys started it , that's all I know by reading science. Then it spread to an Aftrican village .  Then it moved on to America. 



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Tracyb    119
On 8/13/2017 at 10:20 AM, Rancid said:

Can't see your opinion being popular here...


I've noticed lately on western TV shows there seems to be a lot of pushing the gay meme, guys kissing each other and generally gay themes. Personally I find guys kissing guys offensive, not intellectually but as a gut reaction. I am pro gay marriage and my brother is gay and I've worked with gays all my life in the arts, however I still find having it rammed down my throat unpleasant, and so do my kids. So sue me...

Pun intended??

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