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“Human Light Bulb” Claims That He Feeds on Electricity When He Gets Hungry

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Get Real    1,443

Endless madness! What is it that make people turn in to such idiots?
I mean if it was in line with that Kumar only eat 52 hot dogs a day, that I could understand some people with not enough brain capacity could happen to believe.
In reality not even that is possible in the long run, and you will definately die of it.

Is it something in the air? Some people have are imune against it while some just turn into mad dorks.


Do the leaders of the world do secret tests? Just wait it´s your turn soon. You thought you could escape the mad plan?


Some are maybe just born with the mad gene! It would be terrible if it gets airbourne!!!

How ever, just a good luck to all, and keep in mind. Stay Healthy, and if you see any agents or the mad gene, just run, run, run!

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