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Trump threatens Venezuela with unspecified 'military option'

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ilostmypassword    6,273
1 minute ago, Justgrazing said:

Not really though I understand the Russians would prefer a return to the " good ole' days " hence comrade Putin's popularity amongst his people .. Better to understand how things played out at the end of WW2 to express a balanced view of why the U S were needed as the counterbalance to the creep of Marxism .. What is happenening with the U S and Venezuela at the moment is the latest chapter of that long running act .. 

Clearly Marxism remains a major threat to the world economy...could you just remind me where this major threat is located exactly?

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Nilats    18

Good ole days. When Russians say that they mean the good ole days when the British were fighting the American colonists for the control of America - good ole days those were indeed - that was during the Russian Golden age. In those good ole days when the British destroyed the American farmland entirely - and the whole population was starving. The American colonists who lived mostly on the East Coast continued fighting only because the Russian Imperial Fleet at that time was supplying the wheat and other supplies to them so they don't die from starvation -  we are talking about tons of wheat and flour. Russia is an old country so you should ask what "good ole days" mean. In Russian time scale Ivan the Terrible was ruling Russia not that long ago - but in the American time scale - that was before our world existed apparently. :)

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metisdead    4,266

Off topic deflections posts about North Korea have been removed as well as the replies.  

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retarius    1,234

The US are a menace to peace loving people world wide with their constant wars.


For every problem in the world America's solution is to drop bombs. They are a rogue nation that has a callous disregard for the lives of civilians in other nations. American citizens go along with perpetual war because of their total lack of curiosity and because the Pentagon's wars never involve them, the wars are always thousands of miles away and the recipients of the bombings are rarely white. 


It is high time for the rest of the world to unite and say 'no more' to this bully.


On top of that they have an idiot madman Trump at the helm.....what could possibly go wrong?

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