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China's Xi says peaceful resolution needed for N.Korea nuclear issue

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boomerangutang    15,297

I get tired of world leaders speaking to the teeming masses as if we're toddlers. 'peaceful solution needed.'

duhhhh, of course.  As opposed to what?   .....fire and brimstone solution?


Oh wait, that's what Kim and Trump are proposing.   Ok, now I get it.  We've got two stupid kids in the sandbox ready to throw sand at each other, and a bigger kid comes along and says, let's not throw sand.


Who's the wise one of the three?   The bigger kid.  It's yet another proof how; every time Trump has an interaction with a world leader, he always comes away looking worse.  To look worse than Kim, you've got to be pretty darn bad.  That's why Trump spends half his waking hours playing golf. 


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