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Sending WhatsApp to myself

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I'm using this trick a lot to collect ideas plus whatever catches my interest. Now I want to give this more structure, a filing system with different folders .

For that I add more OWN group members in addition to myself . Meaning, for"folder travel" "folder Physio"

WhatsApp would want to have a new verifiable mobile phone number for each folder. (1 should do already)

How to get one?


One possible solution at minimal cost=

Buy one Pre-paid sim for 100b.

Which should be plenty because there should be little outgoing data traffic.




I got too many places where I file things. Was always looking for an application widely used by myself and others. I got whatsup and found this =


Open a W-Up-group where  you'll be sole member.




[ Even for our own  dirty little secrets  whatsup seems really save.  NY Times uses it to get whistle- blower-tips. Alternativly NYT suggests   Application   SIGNAL






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Turkleton    192

why not just use one of the gazillion to-do apps, like Evernote, OneNote etc.?

Whats the benefit?

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Justified Question. I find it easier, quicker to refer to the same structure,  layout, and forwarding, deleting. I use Evernote for more permanent matters, also KEEP .

2nd Whatsup , is a quick notebook, adding/deleting is much more convenient.


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