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Buying Canadian Dollars

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YTP    24

Hi all,

I will be leaving Thailand to go to Canada for a couple of months.  What is the best option to buy Canadian dollars?

-  bring a wad of Thai baht, buy dollars there
-  buy dollars here in Thailand before going
-  wire sum of baht to Canadian bank account (not sure if I can set up this option in time)

-  use Thai ATM card at ATM (probably most expensive)

I know that for Thai baht, its best to buy baht here in Thailand.  I imagine the reverse makes sense for dollars, but I'm not sure because there isn't a huge demand for baht there.

Let me know if there are other options.  Thanks for your advice.

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ubonjoe    17,772

Something to keep in mind is that you are not allowed to take more than 50,000 baht in cash out of the country.

I think it would best to change to Canadian dollars here since it will be much easier done. You might have problems finding banks that will change baht to dollars in Canada.

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YTP    24
Posted (edited)

Thank you ubonjoe for always doing a great job helping others on this forum.  Will look at that 50k THB rule.


Any Canadians with particular experience and recommendations?  thanks


edit:  destination Vancouver

Edited by YTP
add destination

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ubonjoe    17,772
10 hours ago, YTP said:

 Will look at that 50k THB rule.

From: http://en.customs.go.th/content.php?ini_content=departing_from_thailand&lang=en&left_menu=menu_departing_from_thailand

Thai Currency
The amount of Thai currency, in a form of banknote or coin, allowed to be brought outside the country shall not exceed 50,000 THB. 


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Ricardo    6,771

"Destination Vancouver"


Based on experience from a couple of years ago, I would definitely avoid the exchange-bureau just outside the exit from Immigration/Customs at the airport.


It costs about C$10 for the rapid-transit rail-system into town, by the way, so do have that as-a-minimum !


Beautiful city and very helpful people ! :thumbsup:

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gk10002000    2,755

I would recommend for simplicity to convert the baht to US Dollars.  Pretty much no worries using them in Canada.  Been there many times.   I guess you could take a look at the exchange rates; baht to USD and then USD to Canadian to be sure you aren't getting the worst converts each time versus trying to find a one transaction baht to Canadian Dollar

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