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Two killed as oil tanker overturns and explodes

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2 hours ago, gandalf12 said:

Mistky they are doubke skinned but maybe not here in Thailand. Maybe someone can throw some light on this


VERY few Diesel / Petroleum Tank Trucks worldwide are "double skinned" - it's simply too expensive to 1) Construct such a Tank and 2) Bear the fuel expense of carrying such extra weight in the Truck when the Truck Owner /Operator is trying to reduce Costs and increase profit.


Overall it's cheaper and far more effective to install proper Safety Equipment on a standard, single wall Bottom Loading Tank Truck.


That said you will commonly find "double skinned" Tanks used in Europe and the U.S. in Underground Storage situations (for example in Service Station installations etc.). With properly installed equipment these will provide a defence / warning about developing leaks from / into the underground tank to prevent pollution, product or soil contamination etc..


However sadly these are not yet at all common in Thailand!



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15 hours ago, Stargrazer9889 said:

I was expecting  to read a story about a ship. You know an oil Tanker?

, not a truck that was carrying oil.  Sorry I forgot I was reading a Thai news



Bad headline. Tank truck or something, but "Tanker' is a ship, however capsized would be for a ship not overturned.

Tyre burst should not cause an overturn without any other factors.



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On 8/13/2017 at 10:46 AM, Classic Ray said:

Petrol or other inflammable liquid tankers rarely catch fire after collisions in the U.K. or US. 


Are construction/safety standards for Thai tankers different to other countries?


i appreciate maintenance/overloading  is neglected which may explain the burst tyre, but the intrinsic safety of the fuel container should be ensured.

A partially full tanker is more dangerous than one fully loaded as fumes are what usually ignites. I recall a tanker caught fire under an overpass in California the overpass was shut down until it was re built due to damage from the heat. 

If highway vehicles are subjected to same safety standards as bangkok city busses it is surprising there are not more such mishaps. Every day it seems I see busses with chunks of rubber missing from tires on busses. 

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