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Spago is on the move

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MeMock    349
8 hours ago, bergen said:



She is where? :unsure:

I was hoping that might bring you into the conversation!



Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 8.44.35 am.png

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Michael Hare    242
18 hours ago, MeMock said:


It's interesting as well as disappointing to see isn't it Michael. I had plenty of knockers when I started my business and while at the beginning I worried about it I quickly came to realise that these people had nothing going on in their own lives and simply wanted you to fail so that they could feel just that little bit better about themselves.

I love coming back to Ubon and eating at the restaurants, renting cars and motorbikes or having a cold drink in the bars all started years ago by foreigners and still going strong.

The new look Spago will be first on my list.

Some people seem to thoroughly dislike Ubon.


Here is the latest from the thread about a young guy wanting to move to Ubon.


of all the places I have been  to in Issan Ubon was the worst. its neither pretty nor cosmopolitan.

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Michael Hare    242
10 hours ago, SantiSuk said:

By the way Michael, as i know you keep an eye on the hotels for visiting guests/colleagues and I know you know that I use a lot of different hotels in Ubon. ..... One of my current favourites in the budget plus boutique category is Come Pang (in the same street as Zara Doubletree and the same area as the likes of V-Hotel/The Rich/Bliss/Rapeepan Ville/Penta-Hug). Opened 6 months ago - the touches suggest a German or Austrian ownership involvement. Big rooms; decent enough furnishings fittings in muted boutique style; particularly comfortable European-style beds - you can get king size 6 footers although Agoda/Booking.com only seem to offer twins; genuine balconies you could sit out on and enjoy an evening beer. Best bit at the moment is the price - ThB 650 a night including breakfast (limited choice of Thai mains - the pan-fried egg is fine - together with help yourself fruit, juices,coffee, toast &jam). I reckon that's a bargain and puts it in my top 5 Ubon hotels class when considering a blended quality/value coefficient. For me it's also good value as they allow an under-11 to stay for only +50 baht for the breakfast if using existing/your own bedding - a feature which a lot of Ubon hotels seem to be abandoning and which loses them my business when travelling en famille (no way am I buying 2 rooms and sleeping on my own when our 7 year old is with us - btw, Ubon is notably badly equipped for family room bookings - aspiring trophy builders take note; swimming pool and family rooms are in short supply in this town).


You only get that price by phone-in/walk-in (the bookers quote 200 baht more!) and a downside for some would be their negligible English.


Natsiri Residence has also whacked down its price to around 700 baht for what are comfortable (if somewhat dark US boardroom style) rooms/corridors and including a buffet breakfast with reportedly more choice than Come Pang. Again phone or walk in rather than use the booking web-sites (in this case because they have usually sold out the rooms allocated to them well in advance of the hotel actually being booked out).


As always the round of trophy-buliding that has gone on in Ubon hotels is keeping prices down to superb value for visitors, even by already good Thai standards. Dunno how they make any money!

Thank you  Santisuk for all the hotel information updates.  I know the area of the Come Pang hotel very well as I lived around the corner from it for 14 years (2000-2014). When I first built my house there, the road on which the Come Pang hotel is built, was a narrow broken concrete road with no storm water drainage and no council water supply. Most of the land was vacant. Once the water supply was connected and storm water drain put in (2007), buildings rapidly appeared. Most be small dorms for students at the top end. In 2009, work started on the Come Pang hotel. Then in 2010 it stopped and the workers moved up the road and built the Zara Doubletree hotel in very quick time. I was excited about this as I thought it was DoubleTree by Hilton and at long last an overseas hotel chain was coming to Ubon. Of course I was wrong. Zara Doubletree just used the Hilton name. 


Then very very slowly, work started again on the  Come Pang hotel. Took another 5 years to complete. On and off. I think maybe ownership must have changed several times or maybe there were difficulties in getting finance. I don't really know.


Good to know that you like the place. Just up the road and around the corner is the Thai restaurant Baan Klang Soi which one can walk to from the hotel.


With your comings to Ubon and staying overnight Santisuk, I wonder why you have not purchased a condo in the new I Condo complex on Huai Muang. 





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