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BANGKOK 16 November 2018 04:37

Life Insurance

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Thanks for reading and any advice is really appreciated. I'm an Aussie woman married to a Thai man. We currently reside in Perth. His ex wife (thai) works for a life insurance company where he purchased life insurance for his mother many years ago. On our trip to Thailand last year we discovered she has taken out a life insurance policy on my husband with the child support money he...well I...had being paying...we had no idea. We had to go to the police department, make a report and have this cancelled. Of course she received no punishment! His mothers life insurance is paid every year and is due now. I do not want to send her the money as I do not trust her to pay this. I have been told by my husband because she works for this company it will be hard to change to another employee at the insurance company, and that it would be difficult for us to pay it from Australia. The insurance company is Thai Life. Any suggestions???



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What is the problem with a life insurance policy on your husbands life? It makes sense, since when he dies the child support will stop.

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I would also doubt it would go to my step daughter given what we do send she uses for herself whilst the grandparents raise her.

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