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Good Morning, can anybody help or clarify some things for me please?


I have been on the compare site for car insurance on Thai Visa and i have a question. Every quote lists the sum assured as 200k, what if you are buying a new car that is worth more than this, are you really only covered up to the 200k? What happens if it is stolen or a complete write off?



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I suggest the OP picks up the telephone and calls the broker. Then the broker can email him quotes based on the value of his actual car. The quote should be in English. The broker should be able to answer his questions in English and perhaps his spouse questions in Thai. How helpful the broker is prior to confirming coverage might be a clue to how helpful they will be when you have a claim situation.

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I just tried to do the same.


That is a most intrusive website, it does not give me the result online but requires that I give my phonenumber so they can contact me. So sorry, I wont be able to help you.

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