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Hello. My wife and I are on a temporary respite in Europe. Her Thailand bought mobile has You Tube with full content in the Thai language. We have bought a new mobile here in Europe and You Tube defaults to the Country and its language we are residing in. In this case Portugal/Portuguese which is of no use to either of us. I have changed the setting that allows one to choose content from another Country. However, although we can get some content in Thai, it does not appear to have the same pages that she has on her Thai mobile. I have checked for a URL on the Thai You Tube page on the Thai phone but with no success. Any ideas please. The Thai mobile is on its last legs so any assistance to make my wife happy is truly appreciated. 

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The large websites don't provide full international service anymore, partly because of content licensing terms and partly because of legal obligations, to the effect that they increasingly behave like governments and decide what you are allowed to see and what you are allowed to do on the internet.

Is your wife using google/youtube while connected to her Google account she created while in Thailand?


If you have an internet connection in your Thai home, you could configure the router to provide a VPN connection which you could use with your phone. The effect would be that all websites would assume your location to be within Thailand.

The more totalitarian governments have begun banning/restricting VPN already (Russia, China, Iran, Turkey).

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Thanks Manarak for your reply. Yes, she is using her Google account that was created in Thailand. The VPN account I have does not have a server in Thailand. However, we have found out, still experimenting, that one can type in a subject in YouTube search; YouTube then directs you to English content, but after disconnecting YouTube then reconnecting, the content of that subject is in Thai. Is that the way it works?  

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