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Dengue Fever

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Update : I was told that the new vaccine does not cover type 2 dengue which is the more life-threatening one..so it's not a total protection vaccine.

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Think very carefully about using a dengue vaccine at this point in time.  They are still under-tested and as mentioned here, are not effective against the multiple forms of the disease that exist here.


But much more importantly, and this is part of recent WHO warning, on the vaccine, vaccination may actually increase the risk of contracting dengue.


If you want to read more on this subject:




On 9/12/2017 at 2:38 PM, observer90210 said:

Sanofi Pasteur©  Labs have developped a vaccine under the name Dengvaxia ©, that that been approved and highly recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).


The vaccine has been distributed in dengue risk areas like the Philippines, Mexico. You would need to check out at a reliable hospital locally to get more information and if the vaccine won't cause any other issues due to health conditions or age.


Stay safe and healthy.


Ref.: http://www.sanofipasteur.com/en/articles/dengvaxia-world-s-first-dengue-vaccine-approved-in-mexico.aspx





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My 82 year old FIL is in hospital at Bang Plee in BKK and has been for over a week.


He lives in BangNa just off the BangNa/Trat highway.


The family were supposed to be bringing him up to us in rural Khampaeng Phet this week but he hasn't been released from hospital yet.

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